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What is Raccoon Brand?
Raccoon Brand is a clothing line focused on adventure and mischief.

As the Moon rises, society's grip loosens and many of us transform into mischievous versions of ourselves.

If you feel a strong connection to adventure and mischief, then this brand is for you.

Praise for Raccoon Brand
"I would say this brand is for anyone that likes to be adventurous and isn't a 'follower.' Besides the awesome designs the quality of the shirts is amazing."

"I would describe it as a brand for mischievous adventure seekers. Bold, edgy, going against the norm of society. Makes you want to create your own chaos of fun. As for material-wise it is super comfortable, fitting and durable for anything spontaneous."

"I love the branding. Raccoons are mischievous, practical, and overcome major obstacles to survive. In a way, they're inspiring. Your clothing group encapsulates all of those things. All the best!"

"This brand is for people that love unique tees and also for people that are mischievous in their everyday life! Someday I wish to own more of your clothing."

"I would def say this brand is for a versatile person. Someone who isn't afraid to wear something different that they haven't worn before. I mean I def respect a brand more with a simple logo like y'all. The raccoon is catchy. And you guys talk back to the people. A lot of companies don't."

"It's a fun brand with a lot of creative art. I don't usually find myself describing it. Most people just immediately ask me where to get it when they see me with my shirts on."

"To me it feels like the brand is for people who don't take things too seriously. They can take a joke and dish it back. It's people who like to enjoy life in the moment, have a great time, and look sharp while they're at it."

"Mischief, by definition, is playful misbehavior, it's relatively harmless and therefore often fun to do! (and makes you feel so good). Wearing this clothing just shows those around me that I'm happy to take on the identity of the lovable rogue. Everyone wants to be one, and they're always the best type of characters in the movies."

"I think this brand is for people who like the nightlife and like to create a little mayhem in the process, but doing it low-key and without hurting people... like a true raccoon does :) I also think it's a brand for various types of artists who appreciate originality."

"I think it's a real nice brand for people that skate and just like being young and getting in trouble I've already told a lot of my friends about your brand already and have about four or five shirts."

"Raccoons have always felt like my spirit animal, and when I found Raccoon Brand I loved how the clothing captured that fun, clever and playful attitude."

"I would say your brand is very much aimed at (and successfully hitting) a market of younger folk (say, 18-35 ish), generally more style savvy, myself excluded, I'm just a bit of a punk who loves raccoons. I would (and do) recommend your brand to people (which is a rarity for me), usually only to people I think would enjoy the style."

How much is shipping?

Are your products limited edition or are they always available?
We don't often create "limited edition" products, on the other hand all of our products are subject to vanishing without warning at any time.

Are there any special washing instructions for your products?
We recommend that you wash our products inside-out in cold water. Do not use bleach. Wash dark colors separately and do not iron over the designs. Tumble dry on a low setting or hang dry for best results.

What is your refund policy?
We strive to create premium clothing for those who value excellence. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our clothing products please feel free to return them to us for a 100% refund. Clothing products can be returned within thirty (30) days. Send your information to us via the contact form on our website and we will provide you with a shipping address.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and Google Pay.

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